What Is The Right Business For You?

Whether you are looking to buy your first business, vertically integrate or strengthen your market position, we can help you!

Our Seven Steps To Becoming An Entrepreneur:


Decide to Move Forward

Take charge of your financial future and make that important decision to become an entrepreneur. Owning a business is one of only a few ways to truly build wealth so unless you are a superstar athlete and plan on turning pro, you have made a good choice. ReSults Business Growth can not only help you find the right business for you but can also help you get off to a good start with the business.



Once you have decided to own a business, let us help you find the right business for you. We would be happy to meet face-to-face (socially distanced), over the phone, or via a virtual meeting. We will start by collecting critical information like your budget, your skills, and experience, what your true passion is, and your life goals. Once we have this information, we will begin the search for the perfect business.


Comfort Level

Our goal is to help you feel comfortable with your decision and what it takes to buy a business. We will help you to understand the process of buying a business as well as the current market conditions. You will learn how to read a business listing as well as basic business valuation formulas.


The Hunt

Now the fun begins… we will help you find your perfect business, help you with the non-disclosure agreements, get you the business write-up and all other pertinent information, and arrange confidential meetings with the various sellers. As we understand you and your needs better, we will continuously enhance your search until we find the right opportunity for you.


Time To Make A Deal

When it is time to make a deal, we will utilize our collective experience to help you structure a contingent offer that will work for both you and the seller. As the deal progresses, we will help you make the purchase and sale agreement for either a corporate or asset purchase and present it along with a good faith deposit which will be held in escrow to show the seller that you are serious. We will also help you through the negotiation phase if there is one until we can present a fully-executed purchase agreement or decide to look for other opportunities.


Due Diligence

Now it is time to dig under the covers to ensure that the seller’s warrants and representations are accurate. We will work with your accounting, legal, and business coaching professionals to help you work through each and every contingency. This is also the time to work with your bank, if the deal includes bank and/or SBA financing, to gain approval for the loan to ensure that you qualify for the loan.


Closing and Post-Closing

The devil is in the details at this stage. We will help you make preparations for financing, reassignment of the leases, utility transfers, inventory counts, merchant service accounts, and all other details that will invariably crop up at the last minute. You and your attorney will be present at the closing so that you can sign a number of documents and pay the balance of the agreed-upon purchase price.

Congratulation, you own a business. Now what?

Generally, there will be an agreed-upon transition period with the seller. This will include many meetings with your new employees as well as key customer and vendors to smoothly transition the business. Depending on the business, there will also be a critical knowledge transfer, technical training, infrastructure, and computer upgrades and training on the business systems used to run the day-to-day business.

To ensure that you get the most out of your new acquisition, you will want to consider working with one of our Certified Value Builder Business Coaches.

“Before we met Alan, we each had a separate business in Rochester and a joint venture in Syracuse. While we had a good business, we had no idea what was truly possible.

Alan expanded our minds and showed us just how big this business can be. The sky is the limit. We will nearly triple our revenue this year with locations in Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany.

We are now testing and measuring our advertisements and getting more business with fewer dollars. Our future is very bright.

– John Ferrara, Vanguard Glass Block

Do you have too much going on with work, home, life? You may need a business coach!

If this is the right approach for you, contact me today!