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About Alan Sartain

- The Business Coach

If you are serious about getting business Results, prepared to take charge of your business, and want to have a little fun along the way, I can help you.

Whether you want to grow your business, gain a life better balance, make more money, or develop an exit strategy, I have the experience and ability to teach you how.

I only work with clients who are committed, open-minded, and are prepared to reap the rewards of being a successful business owner.


The Business Growth Engine
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The 7 Most Important Things You Should Know About Business Coach “Alan Sartain”


With more than 150 successful business coaching relationships, I know how to get the best performance from my coaching clients, often doubling revenue and tripling profits in the first year.


I have over 20 years of experience in Strategic Planning, General Management, Marketing, and Sales in both Fortune 500 and small to mid-sized companies.


With a phenomenally successful track record of leading organizations through the development and implementation of strategy, marketing, and sales plans, operations, and customer service to obtain bottom-line results, I have the experience to help business grow.


I know how to get Results: over the course of nine years, I grew one business from a 45% market share to greater than an 85% market share with sales growing from $35MM to more than $100MM.


I love to coach, whether as a youth football coach, Certified Ski Instructor, or Business Coach, I have a passion to help people improve. I have now enhanced my experience by becoming a Certified Value Builder.


Earned a Bachelor of Science in Business from Montana State University with concentrations in Marketing and Statistics as well as numerous graduate-level courses from the Simon School, University of Rochester.


As someone who loves to learn, I have completed numerous high-level training programs including Certified Value Builder — Value Builder System, Certified Business Coach – Action Coach; Leadership Development Program – Center for Creative Leadership; Global Executive Leadership Program – Cornell University; Managing Negotiation Dynamics – Columbia University;  Dealing with an Angry Public – Harvard, MIT, and Tufts Universities, Pricing Strategies – Kellogg School, Northwestern University; and The Psychology of Selling – Brian Tracy.

Do you have too much going on with work, home, life? You may need a business coach!

If this is the right approach for you, contact me today!