What Can Kim Kardashin Teach You About Business?

Today we’ll talk about shameless self-promotion.  That’s right, I said it!  Shameless!  After all, we are learning from Kim Kardashian here. It’s all about self-promotion!  Self-promotion comes in many forms and you can use different tactics to get your name out there.  Look at politicians!  Talk about self-promotion and in some not so discreet ways, at that.  But, seriously, consider some of the major superstars we all know.

Top 5 Ways To Go From – I’ll Think About It” to “How Do We Get Started?

A good sales technique is not about selling, rather it is about helping people to buy from you. This may be a subtle distinction but it is very important. 80% of sales are made based on emotion while only 20% are made based on logic. Ask yourself; the last time you bought a new car, did you absolutely need it, or did you want it? Chances are you wanted it to fulfill an emotional need.

The Secret of Gross Margin and My Favorite Four Strategies to Grow It!

Gross profit is defined by the accounts as revenue less the cost of goods sold (or services rendered). Gross profit and gross margin (gross profit as a percent of revenue) are the great equalizers between different businesses.  You could have a $10,000,000 construction business that yields a 10% gross margin or a $1,500,000 professional service business that yields a 66.7% gross margin and end up with the same $1,000,000 to cover fixed expenses and return a profit.  When I look at a business, the first thing I look at is the gross margin. 

5 Ways to Double Your Revenue and Triple Your Profits in 2021

As I listen to the news every night, this recession-plagued economy doesn’t appear to be getting any better and I know you’re probably feeling the pinch. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. We are in control of our own destiny. Your own economy is measured only by the six inches between your ears. This blog is designed to give you a road map to growth in 2021 and beyond. The following five-step formula is one of the most powerful equations for business growth that I have ever seen.

My Top 50 (51) Small Business Marketing Strategies

As we enter December, now is a great time for reflection. What worked well this past year? What did not work so well this past year? If you are looking to take your marketing up a notch in 2012, below are the top 50 (now 51 as I forgot to include a powerful new phenomenon ... Daily Deals promotions in my original list) marketing strategies that I have used to grow my client's businesses over the past eight years.

What’s Your Elevator Pitch?

Most everyone has heard of an elevator pitch… a quick marketing and sales synopsis of your business that will motivate someone to buy from you by the time they have reached their floor on an elevator. If done properly, this can be a top business growth strategy. What is your elevator pitch? Do you have one?

My 7 Lead Generation Strategies

How do you generate new leads for your business in the most cost-effective manner? Below are my top 7 FREE, or nearly free, lead generation strategies. Will, YOU put these ideas into practice?

Profit Equation For Growth

Growth is the key to the success of any business. Most businesses will grow to the level of knowledge of the owner and then will tend to stagnate until that knowledge level is increased or an external force is applied to push the owner to grow. This is precisely why business coaching works so well. We provide additional knowledge to help business owners grow and then show up every week to hold the business owner accountable to agreed-upon weekly goals that will put this new knowledge to work.

Is This a Recession or Just a State of Mind?

I choose to believe that recession is just a state of mind.  If we all were to take on this thought process, we would get Rochester’s economy moving again.  To start the movement toward a better economy, I am committed to giving you time-tested ideas in short manageable weekly emails over the next few months.

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