Is This a Recession or Just a State of Mind?

Are the challenging economic conditions making it more difficult than ever to find and keep new clients?

Do you stay up at night worrying that the pending recession will be too tough to overcome?

The Real Question Is: Is this a recession or just a state of mind?

We have all heard the joke about the media predicting 14 out of the last 3 recessions.

The choice is YOURS!

I choose to believe that recession is just a state of mind.  If we all were to take on this thought process, we would get Rochester’s economy moving again.  To start the movement toward a better economy, I am committed to giving you time-tested ideas in short manageable weekly emails over the next few months.

Here’s how you can grow your Revenue 46% and your Profits 61%

The secret to a better business lies in our ability to break the business down into logical pieces that we can build upon. Virtually any business can be divided into five segments: Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, Number of Transactions, Average Dollar Sales, and Profit Margin. By breaking each segment down and focusing your attention on each segment separately, the process is much more manageable. Remember this formula:

Lead Generation x Lead Conversion = Customers x Number of Transactions x Average Dollar Sales = Revenue x Profit Margin = $ Profits.

By focusing on each of these segments individually, you will get a powerful return. With a concentrated effort, you could grow each of these segments by 10%. As you will note from the example if you increase each segment by 10% your business would grow by an amazing 46% in Revenue and a 61% increase in profits.

Over the next five weeks, I will share with you the secrets to get the most out of each of the five strategies.  If you want to learn more call right now at 866-538-6661 and I will send you an article that I wrote about the above 5 ways for Business Strategies Magazine.

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