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Congratulations!  You have found an efficient way to gather leads, you effectively set the appointment from the lead funnel, the prospect actually showed up so now it is up to you and your sales team to close the deal.

What is your closing percentage?  80%, 70%, 60%, 50%, 30% or maybe you don’t know. 

You have spent a good deal of money and your team’s time to get the prospect to a meeting so how can you improve your odds of making the first sales to open up a long-term relationship?

Rapport Building

Learn how to prepare for, set the stage and initiate the sales process leading into rapport building by finding common ground to help make your prospect instantly comfortable.  Discover the three enemies to the rapport building stage and how to overcome these enemies.

Needs Identification

Your customer may or may not know exactly what they want.  In this stage, you will learn how to get to the bottom of what they want, uncover hidden objections through asking the right questions, qualify the prospect by establishing their budgets and their ability to pay and ultimately get your prospect to acknowledge their true needs.

Offering Solutions

Often the best sales are made when multiple solutions are offered.  Learn how to do a good job of identifying the appropriate products and services and back them up with company and salesperson expertise along with application specific testimonials and proof sources.

Making The Sale

Now it is show time.  The best way to start the closing stage is with a good product demonstration.  If you offer a service, develop an ROI model for your service.  Customers like to feel as if they are in the driver’s seat.  Learn how to develop a three-option close, good summary trial close and the final price close.

Answering The Phone

Whether you are the only one answering your phone or you have an entire customer service team, the phone is the lifeblood of any business.

Wouldn’t it make sense to hone these skills to get the most out of your team and yourself?

We help businesses set up customer service teams, identify and acquire phone systems, CRM (Customer Relations Management) systems, train the teams and set up metrics, KPIs and incentive systems to maximize the investment in a customer service team.

 Team Acquisition

We help business owners identify, recruit and induct top performing customer service teams.

Physical Set Up

Whether you are just getting started or looking to expand or revamp your customer service team, we along with our partners help businesses set up everything from cubicles to phone systems to CRM systems to make customer service teams as efficient as possible.

Customer Service Training

Your customer service team needs to operate as a finely honed tool converting as many leads as possible for satisfied customers.  We offer training from fundamental phone skill to rapport building to personality testing and an understanding of exactly how to sell to each different personality.  We also develop customized customer service training to meet specific client needs.

KPIs and Metrics

Once your team is functioning, how can you know it will continue to improve?  We work with our clients to develop specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor, correct and develop customer service teams to ensure continued success.

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