Client Reviews

“I have known Alan for many years dating back to his Bausch and Lomb days. After attending one of his seminars, it became clear to me that I needed to start developing an exit plan. My partner and I have built a successful specialty eye care practice but felt that we needed to grow it to a point where we could bring on a new Optometrist who could buy into the practice over time.

With Alans’ help, we re-launched our Webster Office, recruited and are developing a great team, grew our business 13.2% last year, and are up 18.4% this year. In December we hired a new Optometrist and are looking forward to reducing our hours.”

– Robert Ryan OD, Visionary Eye Associates

“My weekly one on one coaching sessions with Alan of ReSults Business Coaching moved our business to the next level.

The focus, perspective, and actionable goals Alan has provided are invaluable! I’ve always had the drive to grow my business, but Alan has helped make it possible.

I can measure the impact his coaching has had on our company by looking at our P&L”.

– Lee Minich, Lab X Technologies

“We have just completed our one-year coaching session with Alan Sartain and our sales have just eclipsed $1,000,000 up an UNBELIEVABLE 171%!!

I figure about half of that has come from a direct result of Alan’s coaching. However, more important than that, the procedures he taught us will keep bringing results to us through the years. “Give a hungry man a fish and you’ve fed him for a day. Teach a hungry man how to fish and you’ve fed him for a lifetime!!”

– Steve Neelin, Quality Recruiting

“We look at our business today far different than we did a year ago. We now have a sales and marketing machine and have a much better approach to developing and managing our team.

Last year, our revenue more than doubled, up 136% and we went from a loss to a profit.

We are expecting to more than double our business again this year while exponentially increasing our profits.”

– Jes Herman, Oracast

“Before we met Alan, we each had a separate business in Rochester and a joint venture in Syracuse. While we had a good business, we had no idea what was truly possible.

Alan expanded our minds and showed us just how big this business can be. The sky is the limit. We will nearly triple our revenue this year with locations in Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany.

We are now testing and measuring our advertisements and getting more business with fewer dollars. Our future is very bright.

– John Ferrara, Vanguard Glass Block

“Results, LLC has profoundly impacted the way we manage our business. Our coach, Alan Sartain, has ingrained in us that we were spending too much time working IN our business instead of ON our business.

He has helped focus us on improving all aspects of our business, including the bottom line, marketing, employee retention, and efficiency, and sales.

In the past, we have tried other Business Analysts, who flew in, reviewed our business, and left us with a plan to be implemented. While we had good intentions of following those plans, not much happened. With a mentor like Alan, we meet weekly to work through our tasks and we have made measurable improvements in our business. Alan and Results were the right choices for our business. “

– Jeff and Kay Leist, Microworx, Inc.

“I would like to share my observations of our experience with Action International Business Coaching from Alan Sartain, owner of ReSults, LLC. Although we are only into our 3rd month of the process, I have already learned that my understanding of my own business was very limited. This whole process is opening my eyes to how a business is supposed to be run. Alan is having us undergo a comprehensive evaluation of all facets of the business, and he is helping us to create an organized, balanced, and stable foundation for our operation. We are getting excited about the next phase where we start to use what we have learned about ourselves to promote ourselves! We now see a bright future instead of an uncertain one.”

– Eric Amberg, Amberg Wine Cellars

“Alan Sartain’s ReSults Group Coaching sessions from Action-International have been phenomenal for our company. My business partner and I have been forced to take a serious look at the way we do business, in ways we have never done before. Alan is taking us to the next level, helping us grow our business and make smart decisions. We are making changes to work on not in our business, and since making this simple paradigm shift, we are more efficient, our employees are empowered, and we all have a renewed sense of excitement and commitment.”

– Meghan Wier, Biznetix VP Business Development

“I have been working with Alan Sartain from ReSults LLC Business Coaching since last year. Alan has taught me to focus on the things that will make me money. Early on, help helped me rationalize my pricing. I was getting the little jobs but hadn’t considered the efficiencies on the bigger jobs and consequently was over-priced and seldom won the bigger jobs. Now we are priced competitively and are winning our fair share. Alan also taught me to let go and delegate the items that are not making me money. I have freed up more time and am getting better results. My revenue increased by XX% and my profits were up XX% last year. We are off to a great start this year and I expect to more than double my profits again this year.”

-Mike Libby, Perinton Publishing

“Coaching with professional consultation for our business, LiVecchi Property Management, was the answer we were looking for. By participating in the group coaching classes we achieved higher standards for our business, and ourselves. Developing our goals and actually putting them into practice right away was very motivating for us and led us to be more proactive and serious about our future in the business. We were greatly determined to become a successful small business and knew we needed a little “boost” but didn’t know exactly how to achieve our success. The classes became reality for us as we put our learning into practice and saw immediate results! We are so pleased that we have continued with one on one mentor coaching with Results LLC, to achieve even more advancement for our company, for our profit, for our market position and just to be a well-renowned business in Rochester New York where everyone can say, “LiVecchi Property Management is the best in the business.”

– James LiVecchi, President of LiVecchi Property Management Corp.

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